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Academy day

Academy day

Timetable of a ‘usual’ day!

8 am Breakfast Club

8:45 Staff onto playground (Toast for children)

8:55- Bell rings for children to line up

9:10- Registration closes (You will be late if you miss the register!)

9:10 Bin it and Bag it in classes

9:10 Learning sessions

10:40 Assembly warning bell

10:45 Assembly (silent on way to and in assembly)

11-11:15 Break (fruit/ toast)

11:15 Bell rings. End of play then Learning Sessions

12:30-1:30 Lunch 

1:30 Learning Sessions 

2:30 EYFS/ KS1 play

2:45 Learning Sessions

3pm Bus children collected from classes (line up in hall)

3:15 Bell rings- End of day

Friday Mornings - Golden Time 

Until 4:15 Mon-Fri various after school clubs

Until 6pm -Mon-Fri Cool Club