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Just Different - learning about disability and difference

Kevin visited us in October. He ran a workshop with Y1- Y6. Visit the website for more information.

Here are some notes taken during one of the workshops.
We are all different / eye, hair, tall , short,
Explanation of spina-bifida from birth/ reason for using a wheel chair.
You use your feet and legs but I use my wheels.
7 years only in a wheel chair. Was able to run around like you. Now I'm in my wheel chair. And will be for the rest of my life.
Think about your home. Toilet. Comparing toilets. What are the differences? Wet room. Hole in the floor so water just drains away.
How do you get to school? Car? Do you think I can drive?
At the differences between yours and mine? Are there any?
To get in I sit in the seat and take the wheels off. I then put them in the back seat.
Need to be quick in case it rains.
How do your mum and dad drive their car.
How do you think I drive my car?
Who can do a wheelie on their bike.

Safety point. Do not wheelie on the road.
Getting up steps. Sports- loves wheel chair basket ball. Riding bikes. Special bike using my hands to steer and pedal.

How do you stop?
How do you get into bed? Off the bed?
Can you drive?
Is it fun?
Is it hard to move about?
Can you bunny hope?
How do you go down the stairs in the house? Bungalow.
How do you get dressed? Trousers are the trickiest.
How do you twist / turn your wheels?
PE challenge. To get dressed without putting feet on the floor
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