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SEND- information report

Our aim is to be inclusive and to adapt the environment and provision to meet the needs of pupils who attend our school.  We have experienced and well-trained staff who provide for all pupils' needs across the school.

We ensure that we:

·         Monitor the progress of all pupils; some children and young people with SEN can be identified at birth, other difficulties only become evident as children grow and develop

·         Provide appropriately for all pupils with any kind of Special Educational Need or Disability

·         Listen to the pupil

·         Listen to parent/carers

·         Are able to distinguish between pupils who may need some support within the classroom and within the differentiated curriculum, and pupils with Special Educational Needs and/ or disabilities

·         Identify barriers to learning using their knowledge and understanding of the four primary areas of need; the areas of need are:                                                                                 

Communication and Interaction (C+I)

Cognition and Learning (C+L)

Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH)

Sensory and/or Physical (S+P)

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SEND policy