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Term Dates

Term Dates


Monday & Tuesday 4th & 5th September - Inset days - school closed to pupils

Wednesday 6th September - 1st Day of Autumn Term - First day back for pupils

Thursday & Friday 19th & 20th October - Inset days - school closed to pupils

Monday 23rd October - Friday 27th October - Half term Holiday

Thursday 14th December - Last day of Autumn term

Friday 15th December - Inset Day - closed to pupils

January 2018

Monday 1st January - Bank Holiday

Tuesday 2nd January - Inset days - school closed to pupils

Wednesday 3rd January - Start of Spring Term  - First day back for pupils

February 2018

Monday 12th February - Friday 16th February - Half term break

March 2018

Friday 30th March - Good Friday - Last day of Spring TermSchool closed

April 2018

Monday 2nd April - Friday 13th April - Spring Break

Monday 16th April -   Start of Summer Term -Pupils back to school

May 2018

Monday 7th May - May Day school closed

Friday 28th May  - 1st June - Half term break

June 2018

Monday 4th June -  Pupils back to school

July 2018

Wednesday July 25th - Last day of Summer Term  - Last day for Pupils - School finishes at 3:15pm

An electronic copy is available here

Much of the work children miss when they are absent is never made up and this can leave children at a disadvantage for the remainder of their school career.
There is a link between poor attendance and low levels of achievement.
As an Academy we are aiming to better last year’s overall attendance of 95.2% as this was below the target set (96%).
I am currently not authorising any holidays across the Academy in the hope this will encourage Parents/ Carers to use the 175 non-school days for such holidays.

OMA INSET days dates are:

4th and 5th September 2017

19th & 20th October 2017

15th December 2017

2nd January 2018