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Academy/ Home Agreement

Academy/ Home Agreement

Please find below the Parent/ Carer responsibilities that form part of our Home/ Academy agreement


Parent/ Carer responsibilities

v      See that my child attends the Academy regularly, on time, everyday

v      See that my child attends the Academy in a way which helps them in their learning;

        well fed and well rested, suitably dressed in uniform, including school shoes and a coat when needed;

v      Ensure that my child is properly  equipped with PE kit and Reading Book,

       making sure that all property and clothing is correctly labelled;

v      Let the Academy know about any concerns or problems that might affect my child’s learning or behaviour;

v      Inform the Academy of any reasons for absence;

v      Support the Golden Rules and encourage my child to develop respect and to show courtesy for others;

v      Support my child in homework and in other opportunities for home learning;

v      Attend parent’s evening and open afternoons to discuss my child’s progress;

v      Get to know about my child’s life in the Academy. 


Click the about us tab to find the Academy responsibilities and the Pupils tab to see their responsibilties


Click the link below to view the agreement

Home/ Academy Agreement

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