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Perseverance- celebrating a British Heroine

posted 28 Sep 2015, 03:45 by
Mrs Greene told us about Dame Kelly Holmes in assembly today and how she overcame obstacles such as injuries and doubt to achieve her goals.

We all have goals in our lives; they can be big ones or small ones, from learning to tie our shoelaces to getting our dream job.

When we achieve our goal, however small, we feel really good about ourselves.


What we sometimes need to do is just keep on going.

Time for reflection

Think about your small and your big goals. 

How will you make them happen? 

Don’t let doubts get in the way – we all have doubts. Kelly Holmes did. 

Don’t let setbacks worry you too much – Kelly Holmes had several.

Don’t let delays put you off – Simeon and Anna waited a very long time to meet Jesus.

It’s about keeping on keeping going.