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Happy World Kindness Day

posted 12 Nov 2013, 23:46 by
Mrs Greene told us some short stories (see below) on the theme of kindness. Each class will undertake at least one task so we can achieve 'Kind School' status.Activities range from making a kindness book, a kindness quiz, making a kindness zone or writing a letter. Visit for more information.


A wise woman who was travelling in the mountains found a precious stone in a stream. The next day she met another traveller who was hungry, and the wise woman opened her bag to share her food. The hungry traveller saw the precious stone and asked the woman to give it to him. She did so without hesitation. The traveller left, rejoicing in his good fortune. He knew the stone was worth enough to give him security for a lifetime. But a few days later he came back to return the stone to the wise woman.
"I've been thinking" he said, "I know how valuable the stone is, but I give it back in the hope that you can give me something even more precious. Give me what you have within you that enabled you to give me the stone." 

"The Wise Woman's Stone"
Author Unknown

Alex the alley cat had no home.
He was left out on the street to roam.
Nobody ever seemed to care
how cold poor Alex was out there.

Sometimes he had nothing to eat;
not even fish or thrown out meat.
He seemed so grumpy everyday.
He never smiled or liked to play,
When others came, he ran away
life was not easy as a stray.

Poor Alex slept out on the ground.
Perhaps that’s why he always frowned.
He wished his life would turn around,
but loneliness was all he found.

But one day Alex found a friend,
his loneliness had reached its end.
She cared for him and held him near.
She warmed his heart with love and cheer.
She gave him food and kept him warm,
and made sure he was safe from harm.
She rocked him in a big brown chair,
and treated him with love and care.

No longer was he cold and scared
he found someone who really cared.
A friendship made him kind, not wild.
He often purred and always smiled!

A little kindness changes things.
What happiness and joy it brings.
When somebody is sad and blue
do something kind to help them through.