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Happy Halloween

posted 19 Oct 2015, 04:53 by

Happy Halloween.


Children (usually primary school age) will no doubt be calling at houses in fancy dress, looking  for treats.

Please remember that some vulnerable people do get genuinely scared at this time, so we advise children only to call at houses that are obviously ‘in the Halloween spirit’. (These houses will normally have decoration/pumpkins visible).

Other houses may display notices asking  children not to call - please respect their wishes.


1.       Children should be accompanied by an adult

2.       Please be considerate of others.

3.       Only call at houses were you are clearly welcome to do so.

4.       Be polite and friendly.

5.       Have fun


Your local police will be around to help make sure that Halloween is a happy time for  people in our community of all ages.


PC Nick Assirati and PCSO Natalie Lang