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Educational Outcomes and School Efficiency

posted 15 Mar 2016, 07:54 by

(Provides an overview of ours and other schools’ performance and contextual data).

The headlines for this for OMA are as follows:

·         KS2 APS and value added are both above the national average. Both attainment and progress are above average.

·         Value-added for

·         Reading, Writing and Maths is 100.4

·         Reading 100.7

·         Maths 100.3

·         Writing 100

·         For this cohort, below average prior attainment (before Academy conversion) but above average attainment (APS) at KS2

Relative school efficiency

Definition of school efficiency is generally defined as the rate at which organisations turn inputs (financial and other resources) into outputs or outcomes. School efficiency is defined as the relationship between how much progress pupils make at the school (the ‘output’) and how much income the school receives (the ‘input’).

For most schools, being further to the right in the value added chart than in the per-pupil income chart should indicate relative efficiency (i.e. deciles 1 to 5) Relative inefficiency would be 10.

OMA’s relative efficiency is 6



% Ever6 FSM


Value added


Funding per pupil (£)



15 Mar 2016, 07:54