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Childnet Activity Day- including Parent session Thursday

posted 21 Oct 2013, 00:41 by   [ updated 21 Oct 2013, 00:41 ]

On Thursday we have invited Childnet International ( to present a parents’ workshop on internet safety.  Childnet is the UK Safer Internet Centre and works with government, online industry, adults and children; they are experts in the field of online and mobile safety education.  We highly recommend that you attend this seminar. Please return the reply slip below to the School office/your child’s class teacher. Below is a message from Childnet International highlighting why it is important for you to support your children online

 Childnet’s mission statement is: “To make the internet a great and safe place for children”

Promoting the positive

  • Instant messenger
  • Amazing facts and resources
  • Online Gaming
  • Social Networking spaces
  • Create your own content



Responding to the negative

  • Cyberbullying
  • Adult content
  • Sexting
  • Invasive software
  • Unwanted contact
  • Copyright









 Did you know that one third of young people who go online at least once a week report having received unwanted sexual (31%) or nasty comments (33%) via email, chat, instant message or text message? Only 7 % of parents think their child has received such comments.

You can do something to help your children use new technologies safely

 During the presentation we will take you through how young people are communicating, learning and creating in new and exciting ways using online and mobile technologies. We will open up the world of social networking spaces (Facebook, Twitter etc) and give you an insight into why young people use these spaces. We will highlight potential online risks including cyberbullying and unwanted contact. Parents will view “Let’s Fight It Together”, a film produced with the Department for Education looking at the consequences of young people misusing technologies and will be given resources to take home in order to further explore the issues and help available online. 

The ‘Supporting Young People Online’ seminar will cover some simple practical steps you can take to help limit the risks as well as advice you can give your child. However, really helping your child will mean getting involved in their online activity, learning from your children about a whole new language and way of communicating and then playing your part in being a role model - in supporting them and guiding them in their use.

We look forward to seeing you!