Behaviour and Discipline

OFSTED Report stated:
The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils are very supportive of each other. Typically, pupils are polite, friendly and considerate of others. They are well motivated, settle to their work quickly and enjoy their learning. 

Golden Rule- being OMA ready- everyday


Our positive behaviour system uses a range of strategies, including our Ladder of Intervention. This has different levels.

Level 1 Non-verbal/ Praise

Level 2 Remind & Redirect

Level 3 Warning and Intervention

Level 4 Choices and Consequences.

We also use Golden Time on Friday Afternoons with fun activities as a reward as well as TEAM points to be collected to earn extra play. Classes can earn trophies for best attendance and the smartest line. Sanctions include loss of Golden Time, Time Out chair in KS2 and Thinking Chair in KS1, or time out in another class where there is persistent unacceptable behaviour.

Golden Rules

Be respectful and honest

Follow instructions, first time, straight away

Stop, think and choose- try to make the right choice

Be kind and caring

Always try our best and help each other

Be OMA ready- everyday

Playground Rules

Have fun, be active and enjoy

Play safe, with safe hands

Share- include others with kind words

Look after equipment, keep the playground clean and tidy

Stand still at the bell, walk to your line. Stand smartly and silently


Dinner Hall Rules

Use good table manners

Stay in your chair- hand in the air

Enjoy your own food- please do not share

Use your 'inside' voice

Feed your brain- eat all you can

Please click here for a copy of our anti-bullying policy

Click here for a letter to Parents/ Carers explaining Golden Time

When school shoes are not worn into school, black daps will be provided by school. Please see your child's class teacher if you need support with purchasing or support to ensure your child wears full school uniform

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