Year 1/2

Year 1/2

Respect Rocks in Y1/2! 10th June

Our new Geography theme is called 'Up, Up and Away!'

Our topic started with a balloon race from our school field to see who's balloon would travel the furthest.

We were SO excited when we started to receive emails and letters telling us where our balloons had travelled.  When we receive a reply we find out where in the country it is, how far away the place is from our school and learn a little bit about the area. 

Click the link below to see just how far they have gone.......

Our new Science theme is called......Growing for Gold

WALT: Write a poem using our senses. 'Spring is.... by Brooke Cain.

WALT: Use our senses to describe. 'The daffodil smells fresh'.

'I am very proud of my beanstalk'

WALT: describe a character

Using our clocks

WALT: make 10p and 20p

Using our SMARTboard

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