Our Nurture group runs for 2 days a week in 'The Cwtch' meaning safe place in Welsh. Click here to see our photo album.

Nurture provision was set up September 2011 so far we have had three very successful Nurture groups. 

Our target group is usually children who have social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. At Offa’s Mead Academy we mix the Key stages together in our Nurture provision. We aim to provide support and guidance to enable children to access the curriculum. Alongside this, we use strategies to support the child and to raise self-esteem and confidence which enables them to have positive experiences throughout their school life. 

Our Nurture group consists of pupils from Keystage one and two. We have a separate demountable building which makes it a special place for the children as it is their own space away from the rest of the school. However, we reflect school policies and procedures, for example we still use the Golden Rules, Team points and Star of the day. The group consists of up to twelve pupils in the morning and fourteen in the afternoon. The Cwtch is run by a H.L.T.A and a T.A. who work very closely with the Class Teacher, and Head Teacher, we also liaise with the SENCO if the children are on I.E.P.S.

The children usually access the Nurture group with the expectation that they will return to their class in four terms.

The Nurture group runs on a Tuesday and Thursday.


We use a tool called the Boxall Profile to determine whether a child needs a nurturing approach. We use this assessment because it is a precise way of assessing children, planning the intervention and measuring the success of each child. We use the Boxall Profile as our entry and exit criteria into the Nurture group. Every child is assessed using this profile.We also use Boxall Profile targets for other children who do not attend Nurture.

The Boxall profile is an eight page booklet. The profile has two sections: Developmental Section and Diagnostic Section. The two sections consist of thirty four descriptive items which are scored by the child’s class teacher. The Boxall Profile is completed by the class teacher with input from a TA if appropriate as it is he/she who knows the child best.

Each list has a histogram on which the scores are recorded.

When assessing the profile the two sections are looked at together very closely. Meetings are held with all staff who are involved with the child. We look at the Boxall profile results any other contributing factors which inhibit the child’s ability to access the curriculum.

Our planning is linked directly with the Boxall Profile, with the exception of the morning when class teachers provide us with planning and any resources the children require.

We use the results from the Boxall Profile to create a planning sheet.

The Cwtch consists of three main areas:

1.Chill out Zone                                                                                                              

2.Our Emotional/Social area

3.Work/play area.